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***Option List For 2002 Z06***

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DOes anyone have/know what all options will be available for the upcoming Z06? I need this to complete my order. Thanks!
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Here is what I have read before. Someone jump in if I am off base. I believe I got these from the corvette forum under Ken's Newsletter, but I might be mistaken.

2002 Z06
1YY37 - Corvette Z06 Hardtop
1SA - Option Engine Package (I think this means Z06)
MN6 - Transmission (Again, I think this means Z06)
Orderable Options
AAB - Memory Package
B84 - Body Side Mouldings
DDO - Electrochromatic Mirrors
R8C - Museum Delivery
12U - Quicksilver
21U - Electron Blue Metallic
41U - Black
70U - Torch Red
79U - Millenium Yellow
194 - Z06 Black
704 - Z06 Mod Red

Again, maybe someone can verify these, but this is all I know.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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