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Hi all...

well, when i bought my car 6 weeks ago, i drove it for a few days, and I got a P1416 code. I dismissed this code, cause the dealer had washed the engine, and maybe that set it off. I cleared the code.

2 weeks ago, I drove down to NY, and on the way back, it rained like crazy, so I drove around 300 miles in the pouring rain, and it continued to rain for a few days, so my vette was in the rain for a some time. a few days later, on a nice clear night, I get a P0410.

So i bring it to GM... they ran a tech 2 scan thing, and they made the air pump run, and it worked fine. The voltage drop worked during the air test for the check valves. Anyway, they were really busy, and were on closing time, so they couldn't run any other tests. They cleared the two codes P0410 and P1416.

In there service information, it mentions that an intermittent condition can be caused by:

-moisture, water ingested into the air pump
(maybe that could be it? cause of the rain??)

-low system air flow
(could be a possibility, not sure about this one)

-pinched, kinked, damaged hoses
(all my hoses appear normal)

-excessive exhaust system back pressure.
(now this one is interresting. I did have a leaky exhaust gasket on the driver side of the muffler, does a leaky exhaust cause excessive back pressure?)

anyway, i got the gasket fixed, and i will try the car out some more...see how it works out.
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