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Paging Jim Hall ... I want my T-shirt (11.97 @ 116.21)

You do have T-shirts for people who run elevens with your intakes , right? ALL of my mods are listed in my sig , everything else is stock. I don't have a scanner , so here are my incremental times.

60' - 1.777
330' - 5.080
660' - 7.743 @ 92.73
1000'- 10.034
1320'- 11.978 @ 116.21:D

There was a pretty strong head wind that kept gusting from time to time throughout the day. I think that might have slowed me down a little on this pass. The run before this one I ran 12.06 @ 118.20 and I was going 92.72 at the 1/8 mile mark. I lost two mph between the 1/8 mile and the finish line , and I can't see any other reason for the lost mph.

I have an appointment for Tuesday to put my car on the dyno and get it dialed in. The readings I'm getting on my scanmaster aren't making much sense. The MAFT , injectors and T1 have been on the car for just over 300 miles , so the PCM has had time to relearn. But on the scanmaster the LTFT's are at +22-23 , however my O2's are at 875-890 at WOT and my timing is at 26-27 degrees with no retard. Not to mention , the car feels very strong. I have my base at -15% and the WOT at 0 on the MAFT. I'll see where my AFR is on Tuesday , and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze every last HP and FT/LB out of it while it's on the dyno.:cool:

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I ran my best today also, not as good as yours though. My car is an 01 and I ran a 12.420 at 116.08. This was with a 60' time of 2.044, I ran
a 12.541 with a 60' time of 1.967 first thing today but I blew the 3-4 shift totally or I think
that run would have been in the 12.35 range comparing to the other run ?

Any way that's a great time you ran !




You need to post your timeslip here first. You can fax it to Halltech and we can scan it for you.

Welcome aboard!

Once the 70+ T-1 systems get to the track, I'm sure we will have our hands full supplying T-shirts.

Write to [email protected] with you T-shirt size.


Jim Hall

PS: Are you sure you have 30# injectors? They are much bigger than the stock 23.4 # injectors and should have brought your LT Trims back to the +1% to 5% range as our RC injectors did on our 02. When even one trim exceeds +23% for more than 6 seconds you will trip a code.

I would take the MAFT off which should not be needed at all with the larger injectors. Your computer does not need help.

Larger injectors act as programming up to around +20% more airflow. After that, the only cure is programming. Plus, larger injectors are guesswork, unless you do your homework and know what the baseline AutoTap readings are and what the result is after the injectors are installed.

Our T-1 package has all these elements dialed in perfectly.
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