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Painted Letters

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I've seen a few vettes that have the "CORVETTE" on the rear and the front plate painted a silver-chrome color. In fact, in this month's R&T there's one as well. Is this an option that I don't know about or is it an aftermarket paint job. If so, what paint is/should be used? I think it looks pretty cool on the back, not so sure about the front. I'm thinking about having the back done. Here's the stupid Q, so don't kill me -> do it yourself or body shop??
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Fuhgeddaboudditt!!! I jsut found that the letters are acrylic pre-cuts. Thanks anyway.
There not an option. I have the Design Specialties Chrome letters. There vinyl ones available from Auto Buffs or have them air brushed on. FUBU69/LES BTW BEWARE OF THE QUALITY OF THE ARCRYLIC LETTERS, BEEN THER DONE THAT!

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