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Parts to fix engine oil leak still unavailable

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GM told my dealer the new ring and other parts would be available at the end of April, and they're still not available. No word from GM (according to my dealer) as to when the parts will be available. Has anyone actually gotten these parts? Has anyone heard when they might be available?

Thanks in advance from a new Mobile 1 distributor.
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I think Mako had his rings replaced a few weeks ago. GM already has them but I don't know why some dealers can't get them. Maybe lack of supply.
Has there been an Engineering change to the parts, or are you getting parts that have been made recently by the vendor?

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Dealer service told me that 'new style'
rings are not available as yet to cure the oil consumption. They and CMD are in my mind (and the law firm I work for) using false and deceptive business practices known as Chapter 93A here in Massachusetts.
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