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I recently finished my Vortech installation on my 2004 Z06.

The install included a the stock Vortech components, Kooks 1-7/8" headers, and a Vararam intake system. :jammin:

Overall all, the install went well with the exception of the PCM throwing a couple of codes.

The first and most bothersome is the P1637 relating to the Generator L-circuit. This is the one I need some help with.

I have browsed the previous threads on this and rechecked the installation, accordingly.

As of now, I have verified the continuity and ohm readings to be 0.8 ohms between the generator connector and the PCM connector. So, it appears that I don't have a bad connection.

Battery was fully charged, so I doubt it is an issue.

However, according to the service manual, I should be able to disconnect the generator conn., start the engine and read 5V from the PCM. Here is were it got interesting.

Instead of the expected 5V, I got a reading of approx. 10.8V with the ignition on (engine NOT running) and a fluctuating voltage (not to be confused with AC) that my Digital Volt Meter couldn't stabilize (with the engine running).

So, I thought maybe my PCM is bad OR maybe the Vortech program (via Superchips) may have caused the problem. :screwy:

I hooked up the Superchips programmer and reprogrammed my PCM back to stock (so I thought). I then went to reflash the PCM with my "back up copy" of the PCM that I had made with my HP Tuner program prior to any mod's.

What I discovered was upsetting. The Superchips programmer changed my OS and didn't return it to stock. So now I cannot reload my "back up copy" that I made with my HP Tuner program.

This makes me suspect that Superchips changed my OS which might be causing this P1637 error. :mah:

Anyhow, this is as far as I got today. I hope someone else that has some experience with the Vortech, and maybe even the 2004 Z06, might be able to help.

As always, thanks to all the members that contribute to this forum.

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