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People Need to GROW UP!

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Friday night my wife and I stopped at Barnes & Noble. We came out to where the car was parked and I noticed a cup next to my rear tire, just thought that maybe I didn't see it when I parked there. Well we got in the Vette and I couldn't see through the windshield through all the pop that was sticky all over it and running down the hood. I was so pissed but what can you do, I didn't have a clue who it was or seen anyone do it. Well I got home and had to wash it about three times to get it off but there is a nice rub mark where the cup skipped across the hood. It can be buffed out but this is pathetic. This is the second time this has happened the first time was about two years ago with my yellow '94. This time I have some up with a license plate so I can get the last laugh when someone does this again. SUX 2BU Well anyway has anyone else had this or something simular done to their car?

Jason Godsil
Godsil Performance
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Sometimes people ARE assholes, sometimes just jealous, sometimes just jerks and don't think of the consequences of their actions.

Anyway a friend of mines neihborhood was being attatcked by idiot kids with paint ball guns and then BB guns shooting out windshields of parked cars late at night on weekends. The police were worried after a couple of weeks that someone would wait for these little bastards with some real artillary and somebody would end up dead and somebody would end up going to jail.

My friend left his video camera attatched to his harness bar on all night on a 1/2 hour loop and caught them shooting out another neighbor's car. One kid was over eighteen and went to jail, the other 3 juvinile's parent's ended up coughing up over $22,000 in damages and fines. Case closed.,

Since I have a harness bar I'm thinking of doing this. I've also heard of ppeople beating a ticket with the loop showing them NOT doing what the officer said they did in traffic.

BTW, I now carry a disposable camera in all 4 of our vehicles to take pictures after an accident.
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/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif Feel your pain and frustration.

Ohhhh to catch them in the act.

My 85 was keyed shortly after I bought it. Horrible feeling of violation.

Any chance that parking lot had cameras?

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You know I never thought about that but I doubt it. However if something like this happens again I will be sure and find out.

Jason Godsil
Godsil Performance
They should enact the death penalty!!

In 1979, my first new Navy Blue Coupe Vette, I walked out of a club and noticed something all over the windshield. Someone had taken a beer and tossed it on the hood leaving a nice little gouge.

2 years ago, I caught on video a guy whom I thought was my friend, spitting on my car. He did it every day for 3 years until I caught him. He's still on probation at work over the incident.

It should be a Capital Crime!!
Frank that really sucks. I see you have chrome wheels on your cars now. Did you have the factory ones chromed or buy new ones? If you bought new ones are you interested in selling your factory ones.


I did an exchange with Corvette Mike's. They are OEM wheels.
Well they do look good on both of them.
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