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I hope this report can save folks some of the pain I encountered while trying to accomplish the subject installation.

Good News:
The C5 wiring is intact from the dash mounted switch housing to the relay/fuze box under the hood. The Z06 single switch pops right out and the standard C5 dual-switch pops in.
The C5/Camero fog light brackets are needed to mount the PIAA's. The bent-wire-nut fasteners for the brackets need to be longer than either standard C5 or Camero. You will need a parts bin to come up with the nuts of the right length.
Bad news:
Unfortunately, the brackets are only sold with the entire fog light. Camero sources may be cheaper. One used or "recycled" vendor offered the corvette units for a whopping 10% off of full list.
You will have to splice into the PIAA supplied harness to connect to relay 32.
Adjustment capability is limited to up-and-down on the PIAA's.

It took one long day for an experienced chevy tech to accomplish the install because we were learning the differences between Z06 and C5 harnesses. With the information above, it should only take about 3 hours to complete the install.

The lights do shine through the Z06 grille.
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