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Ever since day one - I get a tap/pin/knock sound from my LS6 - on this Z06 - mostly around 2000 - 3000 RPM. It doesn't matter whether I warm the car or not .. or even after driving it in 70 degree weather, after 2 hours - and I am now at 1800 miles - IT STILL DOESN'T GO AWAY! What do I do? Dealer said it was normal .. I cannot stand it .... I am going insane now ... I will show everyone at BG when I get there! Help ! What should I do ?!

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Sheeeeeeeeesh - I hope it is man, I really f**king hope it is .... , I am planning actually keep this one for over a year, unlike my other vettes - and would like a piece of mind - from all of you ....

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Around June 15th.. there will be an everyday bolt on mod that will substantially lower head temperatures..

As you know..the LT1 and LT4 successfully ran reverse flow coolant system..

GM was believed to be implementing the same system for the LS1 and LS6..then the Emissions standard testing showed that the traditional coolant flow increased start up temperatures out the window reverse flow went..

Reverse flow allows higher timing because of less chance for detonation..

Bingo..aftermarket reverse flow water pump..

In this particular case..its electric with a street use life of 80,000 miles..or to be way under and on the safe side 50,000 miles..

An additional benefit..and its a big there is no parasitic loss from pulleys..

Your realistically looking at no detonation and 11 rwhp..on a stock motor..

The installation is ten minutes longer than replacing a stock Corvette water pump..

Is this cool or what..? (pun intended)

Rob..this will work out awesome for you since the inventor of this patented device is in south Jersey..

I don't know the price on this truly bolt on device..usable for every driving..winter spring..summer or fall..

but how much could it cost..same goes for the installation..

We have a real cutting edge winner here...IMO..

Looking foward to final release on or about June 15th..

I love easy bolt ons with no effect on daily capabilities..

Save the wave.


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Jesse good is the answer from the gentlemen manufacturing this..
The pump funtions exactly like the stock pump, meaning you retain your thermostat and heater core and get the added benefit of reverse cooling. In addition there is 12-14 lbs removed from the nose of the car.

You will have all the benefits of your stock pump housing and not have to "modify" anything to replace anything to replace the factory pump with this pump...

Being reversed cooled should allow us to run 4 - 7 degrees more timing..The gentlemen testing this expects to see .2ths and 2mph in trap.

Its just about to hit the market..I personally have a very good feeling about the capability and logic of this water pump conversion..

We'll see..I'm just sharing these cool bolt on mods I'm hearing about..

This one sounds like a winner.
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