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Sorry its late, been busy, Frank actually got it to me on time, but I just could not get to it..... :(

On the Job

**** Tyler of Trim is in the business of satisfying our customers. It’s his job to problem solve on the exterior body panels, especially the rear end of the vehicle. Good fits are especially important to our very discriminating customers and something Tyler works daily to make as good as they get. His job entails the fits of the car that include: the front of the doors to the rear of the vehicle, the hatch to the quarter panel and the doors to the quarter panel. He also has responsibility for the tonneau to deck lid and the rear fascia to the rest of the car.

As a problem solver, he checks gaps and fits daily and problem solves any fit that isn’t just right. I have to make sure the gaps are the right dimension, he said, as it comes out of cartrac. To accomplish this, he works closely with engineers also charged with proper fits.

Tyler is a second generation Corvette employee: his father, Don, retired from the Corvette Plant as a supervisor a number of years ago. He came to work when the second shift was added in 1984, but a subsequent layoff when that shift ended meant a transfer to Norwood, Ohio and later, to Bedford, Indiana. After work, Tyler shares parenting responsibilities with wife, Sheila, for his son, Kalen, age eight, and daughter, Kenzie, four.

As time allows, he likes to paint cars and restore classical cars to their former glory. He also tunes up his love of music as lead guitarist with the all union band called Split Window.

Awards rolled in for ‘01 Corvette

Throughout 2001 and now into 2002, publications and organizations have showered GM with awards and high praise. Not surprisingly, Corvette boasts one of the longest lists of accolades. Here’s a look at our growing list of product awards for the 2001 model:

J.D. Power APEAL Best in Segment

J.D. Power Initial Quality Study Best Sports Car Buy in America

World of Wheels; LeMonde de L’auto Editor’s Choice

Consumer Guide Best Buy

Automobile Magazine Reader’s Choice All-Stars - Best Sports Car Under $40,000

AutoWeek America’s Best American Car

AutoWeek Best Convertible in the $25,000-$50,000 range

Road & Track Best Convertible $25,000 - $50,000 range American Exotics Comparison Test winner (Z06)

Publication profiles ‘Wil Power’

In case you haven’t had a chance to read your winter edition of Corvette Quarterly cover to cover, there is one article you’ll want to check out. It’s a feature of our plant manager, Wil Cooksey, in an article appropriately titled, Wil Power.

But just in case you never get a chance to read it, there is a quote by the manager at the end of the article that is a huge compliment to the Bowling Green work force.

Here it is: Cooksey’s highest praise is always reserved for his colleagues at Bowling Green, though: ‘The work force in this plant is one of the better work forces in the business. I like to think they’re the best. I look at all the improvements that have been made by this group - and they continue to make improvements.

That’s what it takes to be world class. This Bowling Green family is dedicated to putting out the Corvette. I consider it a privilege to work with them.’

Earnhardt Exhibit Expands

The National Corvette Museum’s Dale Earnhardt exhibit display through April 7th, is well underway and offers more than expected to visitors.

The Museum recently added to the exciting exhibit, a #13 of 25 produced - 03 Intimidator Series Monte Carlo and a large collection of one-of-a-kind Earnhardt memorabilia on loan from local Earnhardt fans.

Darrell Waltrip contacted the Museum to express his excitement about it, and in turn offered his very own 1978 Pace Car as an addition. In total, the exhibit features Dale Sr.’s Winston Cup replica race car, Dale Jr.’s #8 Budweiser Winston Cup Monte Carlo race car, his own 1999 Corvette C5 coupe, and the newly added pieces.
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