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December 21, 2001 - Bowling Green Plant News

The Corvette Plant now has a web site! Log on to
and you’ll find it. Roger Downs of Quality developed the site specifically so that customers can go on-line and find out when their new car is being built. Downs said the site is updated each day with the most current production information. Corvette fans can also go on-line and get tour information, plant history and current information about the plant. Downs, in conjunction with
communications personnel, plans to keep the site updated frequently. Since its launch just this month, more than 400 people have hit on the site. Not many people know about the site at this time, Downs said. When they find out, I’m sure it will be very popular.

Family, group tours resume

Plant tours, closed since last fall, will re-open Monday, January 7 on a limited basis. According to Theresa Lawrence, personnel director, the plant will now take reservations for group tours. Employees are also welcome to bring their family members
in for a tour.

For the continued safety of all employees and visitors, the
following procedures will govern tours.

Corvette Plant Tour Procedures

Group Tours

Visitors must adhere to the following plant tour procedures and

• Groups must make reservations in advance by calling 270-745-8287.
• The group coordinator must fax a copy of his/her driver’s
license (or other picture I.D.) to 270-745-8024 prior to the day of the tour.
• The group coordinator must also fax the names of all people
who will be a part of the tour group.
• Children must be seven years of age or older.
• All visitors must wear closed toe shoes.
• All guests must sign in at the Tour Room and watch the plant
safety video prior to the plant tour.
• No backpacks, purses, packages, fanny packs or other
containers may be brought into the facility except by special
request (for medical reasons, etc.). Any exceptions are subject
to search. No weapons of any kind including buck knives,
etc., are to be brought into the facility.
• Tours will be scheduled Monday through Friday during regular
production only at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12 noon based on the availability of tour staff.
• Tours for school groups are available for fourth graders and up.

Corvette chalks up another year!

As the year ends, it is always my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your outstanding work during the past year. This was a year that was once again filled with honors, an improved product, and great results in many areas of our business. I am grateful that once again we are
ending this year with a safe work record. Remember, all accidents are preventable and it is everyone’s responsibility to work safely on the job. Safety is our overriding priority and it takes all of us working together as a team to ensure that we consistently use safe work practices. Certainly, this is a year that none of us
will forget due to the catastrophic events of September 11. That day has changed all of our lives and continues to influence us each day in many ways. One of the most visible ways it affected us here was the suspension of plant tours due to tighter security in our facility. I am asked almost daily when we will resume
the tours. On December 1, the museum delivery V.I.P. tours were reinstated and we are currently looking at instituting policies that will satisfy security measures so that our family and group tours can resume.

Plant tours are a source of immense pleasure for our customers, for the many school groups that come through here and the many fans of Corvette who delight in seeing our process. I also know that tours are a continuing source of employee enthusiasm and that you are anxious to see tour groups back in our plant soon.

Your devotion to Corvette was evident in the many accolades that our car continues to receive. In fact, we kicked off the new year with Automobile Magazine’s prestigious Automobile of the Year award presented to then GM president Ron Zarrella at the North American International Auto Show. We added to our long list of achievements by being named both as Best in Segment for J.D. Power and as the highest quality vehicle in General Motors.
Corvette got the nod as the winner of the J.D. Power APEAL award. These honors are all especially significant because they are decided by the people who buy our cars.

Early this year, Corvette was also named a Best Buy by Consumer Guide, a trusted source of information about the best of the best products. And, we ended the year on a high note by being included in Car and Driver Magazine’s Top 10 list, another great credit to our car. Our product quality is a great tribute to
the entire workforce. Moreover, our daily direct run rates have improved through-out the year so that we continue to meet and exceed goals in this area. Work towards a higher quality environment was realized with our certification for ISO 14001
another achievement that took a great deal of work on the part of many people.

We enjoy excellent Corvette sales while sales continue to lag among many car lines. Recent field stocks show that our field supply is at its lowest level in years and is among one of the two or three lowest in General Motors. We are blessed with a good customer base and great sales and I expect them to remain
strong throughout the model year.

Work on readying the facility for the new Cadillac XLR is on target and going well. Last week’s announcement that the program is delayed for a few months means we will have to review our plans in that area. We are right now determining the details of revising construction plans, bringing on personnel and delaying the build. Otherwise, the BETA cars that were built here look really good and I know employees working on the car are very excited about introducing this new roadster.

One of the things that we can again take the greatest pride in are our efforts to make this a better community in which to live. At Corvette, people are also willing to lend a hand, no matter what the need. This year’s United Way pledges were the highest ever in the history of our plant. Employees also gave a sizable
donation to the 9-11 fund, and generously supported groups like the March of Dimes, American Heart Association and many others. All of these efforts are very much appreciated by the local area.

I think of you as the best workforce in the business. You have achieved so much and each year the awards and accolades continue to showcase our plant. It is because of your hard work, devotion and true excitement about our product that makes all of this happen. My thanks to all of you for another job very well done in 2001. My staff and I wish you and your families a very happy and peaceful holiday.

--Wil Cooksey


Last week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly talks about the popularity of the Escalade among the young and famous in an article by Clarissa Cruz: J. Lo sang about it in ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing.’ It was featured on MTV’s ‘Cribs,’ and Ben Affleck recently took one home. It’s the Cadillac Escalade, the hulking SUV that has shifted the car manufacturer’s image from fuddy-duddy to bling-bling. More than 75,000 vehicles each of which retails for more than $50 grand have been sold since the model’s launch in 1998. But the pop-culture shoutouts are just beginning. OutKast, Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z have all mentioned the car in songs, while some of the newest Escalade owners include Calista Flockhart, Bruce Willis and Pink. Cadillac Escalade brand manager
Susan Docherty was quoted as saying: I’m surprised by the number of younger buyers that are attracted to the Escalade, adding that Caddie buyers have traditionally been in their early 60s. [But] the world is not about what older people think; it’s about what younger people do. And drive.

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