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Well, I have a DE this coming weekend (23rd/24th) and went over to look at a local guy's (Z06 Dave) setup today. Long story short, between seeing how unintrusive his restraint system was along with advice from some local instuctors that I'd be faster if I wasn't bouncing around the cabin...I'm looking at harness systems.

FWIW, I don't know too much yet on what is on the market, but my car is 95% DD and 5% track. A non-intrrusive setup is a priority to me. I have the sport seats.

I definitely just want a harness bar (no cage or rollbar yet). Low weight, camera mount, and ability to reach into the back of the car are my wants here. I'm strongly leaning to this one:

LOTS of questions here.
- Since I plan to keep my sport seats, I believe the 5 point units are out, right?
- 6 points, I do not understand where the last 2 'points' are. 2 over shoulder, 2 across lap...what else?
- Will this unit work correctly with the bar mentioned above? Why yes or no? Will I need additional hardware?
- Will the above setup cause me any issues with DE rules/SCCA? (not super important, but if only minor changes are needed to grow into other is the time)

My wants here are comfort, price, and a removable harness system.

Lap/Antisub Mounting Hardware:
No friggin clue. I don't even think I can ask an intelligent question yet. I just want this stuff to be budget-friendly and not intrusive. Help me out.

Thanks In Advance!

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Prepare yourself for the "You really should get a cage" posts. I agree WE should. If you roll over, the anti-sub may prevent you from sliding down the seat as the roof collapses - nice thought.

That said...I went with the Brey-Krause harness bar and the C5 Lap Belt Kit for clip-ins. For the harness I went with the Cam-Lock Simpson six point. I have two DE's with them and am really pleased - two more this week :pp:

The six point uses two anti-sub belts that attach to the seat base near your hips, with both coming together at a clip extending toward the middle of you thighs when you are sitting on them. Pull the clip up between your legs and clip into the locking device where you would normally put the five-point strap.

You need your sport seats for the pass-throughs. I had to do the down-grade as well.

From what I read here, regardless of you bar choice, you will want the BK Lap Belt Kit.

I had no issues with my instructor. You should (or need to) provide equal restraints for your instructor. My instructor elected to use the stock belts - I think because he didn't want to go through the hassle of adjusting them.

Hope this helps,
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