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Hello, Im new to owning a corvette and the forum, while they have been in my family since a kid i must admit im out of my realm here.

I have a 2001 z06, inherited by my late father. It currently has 20year old F1s on and will be replaced asap. Im looking at the Toyo r888rs. 275/40r17 and 305/35/r18.

Does anyone have any advise or experience with these two sets of tires and can they offer some advise. I wont be tracking the car, it will be a Sunday cruiser with some spirited driving. I have always wanted grippy tires and the toyos seem to do the job from what i read. What i didnt know about was that these tires have to be stored indoors during winter.... and i have to put other wheels on the vette or have the car on stands.

Now i keep seeing people say stands ruin your suspension, and some people say they dont.

Can anyone please chime in the best way to accomplish to store the corvette for winter with R type tires? This might be my deciding factor on if i should be getting the normal sport tires rather then these race ones.

Would it be okay to just put some carpet under the R wheels.

Thank you in advance for your time!
p.s - I have searched the forum and googled this before asking. lol
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