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I'm trying to update my collection of documentation about the 2001 Z06. I know there is a lot of material out there that I've missed.

If you know of a link to a review of the Z06 on the internet, please post it. I'm also looking for the magazine reviews of the Z06.


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I asked the very same question a week or so back, but got no response, so I did my own research. Hopefully forum members can add to this list to make it most comprehensive.

Car & Driver Aug 2000
Motor Trend Aug 2000, Nov 2000, Apr 2001
Road & Track Aug 2000, Nov 2000, Jan 2001
Autoweek Jan 29, 2001
Auto World Weekly Dec, 19, 2000
Corvette Fever, Dec 2000 (not specifically Z06 but a lot of good info)

Got any others,



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Go to (Search engine) and type in Z06 Corvette. You will find a ton of tests there. Some even showing the "Z" crushing the Cobra-R.

Happy hunting,

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