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Please read: Need your help.

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Ok, I've gotten MANY emails since I started this thing asking me if I wanted any help. Well, now I want to collect!

I need you guys to participate in helping me drive traffic to the other site to raise some revenue and awareness.

We have a contest going over on Survivor-TheOutback where I need pictures of people displaying the URL. IE, preferably crazy pics but we'll accept anything, put the old plotter to work and print out our URL (and logo if possible, I have the EPS files if you need them) and take a picture of it someplace cool, weird, wrap a willing, scantily clad girlfriend with it, whatever. The only rule is, it has to be readable in the picture.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for help keeping the Z06vette site AD FREE!

Here's the URL for more details and an email address where you can submit your photos.

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I guess this was a bust....
It should be printed and being held by someone....

Thanks for the effort though...


I'll have our sign maker at work make up a small banner with the URL and I'll start stapping pictures.

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, B&B PRT's with Speedway Tips, Ripper Shifter with Momo Knob, Chrome Z06 Wheels

Sherylann Calmes Black 2001 Z06
Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, Chrome Z06 Wheels

[email protected]
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Is something like this what your looking for ????
Sorry don't have a scantily clad girl friend, wife will not allow it.

Mark's Web Site
*** Harrisburg Area Zaino Distributor ***

01 Z06 MY/BLK,Zaino,Lowered,Ripper - No time slips yet
92 RS ProStreet Camaro (454) - Best E.T to date 10.15 @ 136 mph

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