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Please Read...Posting/Vendor FAQ

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Guys..and Gals!!

Please read the Posting/Vendor FAQ section, located as a link at the top of the screen.

To avoid any misunderstandings, I hope you all read this.

Let's make this a great place!!

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A little late on the take I guess.
Come here after getting home tonight, and find I have been DELETED!
And the other post on this topic which I was a part of is also deleted. Guess someone think they are flexing some muscle around here.
BS if you ask me.
I did not say anything to offend anyone, I just posted a price on an X-Pipe, and NOT being a vendor, did not see that as a problem.
So ANYWAY, I'm a little PISSED that this is how we treat our fellow Z06ers!
I guess I will be on my way, and the past week or so has been fun.
Those of you who are in the So CA area keep in touch via e-mail.
Apparently I have a Private Message on the board but can not check it since I was deleted. Maybe whoever put it there can forward it to my e-mail.
See Ya...I'll be somewhere else....


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You weren't deleted for posting a price.

Yet again, this can be handled in private via email.


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SO if I Find a good price on somethig I shouldent post it? I certainaly am one of the people that dislike overly agressive venders to the point that I will not deal with them. But then I automaticly reject extremist veiwes... Ric

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Can we (that's a collective "we," and not just referring to one or two on this post only) get past the whole " way to treat a FELLOW VETTER" crap? As far as I'm concerned, that we own Vettes may be a commonality between us -- but to rely on your owning a Vette to transcend the fact that you're a putz is just silly.

The world at large doesn't work that way, so it shouldn't be expected that this forum work that way.

If I own a Vette, but I'm an ass, then I don't expect others to cut me any slack just 'cause I own a Vette.

Again, though a post here triggered my response on this matter, I feel this way about this topic "across the board," and am not directing this post at any one individual.

Just had to get that off my chest.


2001 Z06
MY w/Black
Memory, Mirrors, Mats, and Moldings!
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We're working this out right now.

We all want to be told of good deals, no question there. A member may post a price in the product area, we have no problem with that.

What we will have a problem with is a vendor putting someone up to posting a price.

I read it. So. What's the problem? Doesn't seem to extreme to me.

Can I post a price of a part that I got from a Vendor?
If not what can I post the price of?

Just curious.


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