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Hello All,

The Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team (CART) hosted a track day and time trial at Pocono's north course on Friday.
What a great day. Weather was perfect. Tons of open track time (several people got about 200 miles of track time).

The time trial was run extremely well and quickly. At the end of the day they held a fun event they called a team relay. They took everyone who had taken part in the time trial and assembled five man teams (or you could form your own teams). They added your combined best times together and than at the start of the relay they hanicaped each teams start time. As an example they had four 5 man teams that wanted to compete. Each team lined up their 5 members nose to tail in one line for each team on the main straight facing the north course. They started the slowest team first and than the next team at whatever the "hanicapped" time dictated and than the next team and so on till all the teams (4) were on the course. The idea was to run five laps as fast you can and then turn into the pits. When your teammate finished than the next teammate started. You could only pass in the same passing zones that were in use all day (no wheel to wheel in corners) as the relay progressed the gaps closed and passing took place and the first team across the finish line after the twentyfive laps was the winner. It was a ball. The Corvette team would have won except one of the members couldn't count to five and came in after only 4 laps and had to make up a lap at the end :rofl:
Next time we need more vette drivers (ones that can count to five at least). The next event at Pocono will be 8/1 and than again on 9/2. Info available at

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