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Polished Z06 Wheels :)

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I have been running on my polished and clear-coated wheels for about a month now. The brake dust comes off easily. I am happy that I chose to have them polished rather than chromed. On my Syclone the chrome over aluminum did not hold up to the brake dust. Putting the horse away 'wet' (that is without removing the brake dust) caused the chrome to pit badly.
As Paul at Custom Wheel Service in Placentia, CA informed me, the chroming can cost about 20% in strength and the radically different thermal expansion rates of the chrome and aluminum lead to pockets that accumulate water and then the rusted mess.
Call Paul if you have any questions, (714)632-6700.

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I love my chromies, but there is something special about high polish aluminum! I've heard alot of talk about guys having them done, but these are the 1st I have seen. I would trade in a heartbeat! FUBU69/LES
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