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Porting the throttle body

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What is involved in swapping the TB? I'd considered it on my C4 but heard that throttle position had to be re-calibrated. How simple is the swap, & does it require a scope or any other unique tools. Does any body sell exchange TBs? I'd love to squeek a few more hp out of my Z06.

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As part of my Halltech Tric Ti mod.I'm going to send my stock throttle body out to them to be ported. This option worked best for me. From the pictures I've seen and the good reviews I've read they do a very good job. The dealings I've had with them so far has been nothing less than excellant. As far as I know to this point no special tools are required to swap out the throttle body, but I'm not 100% sure of this. I still have some research to do.

Jusy my two cents. Hope this helps.

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Corvette Concepts has them.

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I installed the Halltech ported TB on my car. It's a very simple job, but you do need a tamperproof torx bit to remove the motor and TPS from the TB.

One option is to send Jim the TB complete with accessories, and then he will return it to you all ported and ready to put back on.

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