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Here's the link to the video:

Here's Zlicious story behind this race:


2003 Cobra
2.8 pully
Full cai intake system (Aftermarket airbridge, coupler)
Cat back exhaust
Aftermarket Shifter
xxx rwhp (Haven't dynoed yet)

2001 Z06
Full cai intake system
cat-back exhaust
340 rwhp

I told him to hit it when we got side by side, then I will hit it. So, he
got a huge jump on me due to a slow reaction time on my part...BIG mistake on
my part letting him get the jump. But as you can see, if we would have kept
on going, I would have won...I guess he was smart about it and shutting down
as I was ready to

We raced a few more times with him NOT getting a jump, and I would beat him
by atleast a car everytime..:)

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Could hardly see the cars.Was that a Mustang?Sounded like fun.
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