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On 2001-06-11 14:24, Silver Bullet spewed forth this drivel:
I heard 6-8rwhp max on stock car.
$400 might seem like a lot but an exhaust is alot more and probably picks up alot less.
Figure airbox - 5-10rwhp
Catback 3-5rwhp
headers 8-12rwhp

I hate to say it but those are real world numbers in my mind so way cost and 8rwhp isn't that bad for little hassle.

Your #s are in tune to what I have been getting.
I opted for a reprogramming on my computer $525.00 but it is not generic. The computer was programmed for every mod I have done.
They asked about everything from filter to headers, exhaust, where I wanted my idle and rev. limiter and fans set at. Customized to my car.
I was going to take it to the dyno today to see what 5 bills got me but it's to hot and humid, maybe 2morrow.
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