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Can somebody explain to me what the process is when pre-ordering a Z06 that has yet to be built? I've asked my dealer for confirming documentation and the only thing he could give me at this point is a "Vehicle Order Detail (Abbreviated).

This appears to be a computer generated "request". It has vehicle ordering info with a field for VIN and Model Year and other fields for internal tracking purposes. It also has sections for "Order Content" (including a field for TPW, which is blank on my form), "Special Paint", "Special Instruction", "Production Detail" (with a field for MSRP), and "GM Business Associate Info".

Most of the individual line items on my Vehicle Order Detail form are not filled in, not very comforting.

Is this only because the 2002 Z06 is not yet in the Chevrolet sales order entry computer system? MSRP and other pertinent details have not yet been established?

Which of these fields are of any real importance and it this form just the first step in the process to pre-ordering a new
vehicle. What confirming documentation can one expect to follow?

Inquiring minds wish to know.

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basically, you have an order number...not technically an "official" order, but a place holder if you will. as soon as your dealer gets an allocation, then that order becomes more established. ALLOCATION IS THE KEY. if your dealer cannot get an allocation for a Z06, and depending on the color chosen, you may be waiting for a while.

here's the process...
2001-Order generated to dealer
2005-Order replaced with GM Prospec order
2050-Order changed
2500-Order sent to production, preferenced
3000-Order accepted by production control
3100-Order available to sequence (now the tpw becomes more stable)
3400-Order broadcasted for production
3800-Vehicle produced
4150-Vehicled invoiced to dealer
4200-Vehicle shipped
5000-Vehicle delivered to dealer
6000-Vehicle delivered to customer
6010-Vehicle delivery change

so...i would assume you're at Status 2100. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

someone chime in if i'm wrong in any areas

good luck.

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