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I have most boltons execpt that my throttle body, MAFS and exhaust are stock with no cats.

I had stage I port with Stealth II cam recently also 2.02 valves. I mentioned that my power delivery was questionable in that it revs fast but seems out of puff after 3K revs compared to before, although my friend said it was stealthy power delivery but you couldnt feel it and had to rev hard from a standstill to get good power, and that the power was o.k
Anyway d/l predator tune and made the fuel at +5% out of max of 5, and timing +5% out of max of 10, it seems better power but still not sure at mid rpm's, but i get codes about lean fuel on bank 1 and 2......Can anyone tell me how better to use the predator (i know nothings full proof)and what values to increase and decrease with my mods plz?
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