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HOpe it's not a repost.

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Article translated:

Thought this would be interesting to you all.
Scanned from a recent issue of "Bilmagasinet" - danish car mag.
Interview with Jan Magnussen about (among other things) his record lap at NBR.
Here´s a translation:

[Top pic, Magnussen and Vette:]
Thursday morning, Southern Germany. General Motors have discreetly rented the legendary german Nürburgring track for an hour between 7 and 8 in the morning.
The temperature is more comfortable than at Le Mans, and the track is empty apart from a couple of early rising spy photographers.
It takes more than a blue Vette to exite them - they recognize it, it´s the Z06 version, the brutal Vette with 500 BHP. What they do not know, is that it´s Jan Magnussen behind the wheel.
The objective is to beat Walther Rörhl´s laptime in a Porsce GT3 RS - it´s 7:43,0 min for the 20,8 km heavily varied track with 73 corners.
The record was set in 2004 in a standard version of the Porsche.

[Splash in middle]
Jan made 7:42,9 thereby beating the Porsche GT3 RS by 0,1 sec.

[Two lower photos]
"The photo is taken at Flugplatz. I´m going 240-250 km/h at full throttle in 4th gear and the car is actually jumping twice: After the first jump it lands so hard that it takes off again, as you can see in the second picture. As it lands the second time I have to take a sharp right immediately after.
The car is a standard car with street setup - had it been my racer it would hardly have left the tarmac. At NBR the street car reaches 295 km/h on the long straight in 5th gear (6th gear is an overgear for saving gasoline). At NBR there are no run-off areas like other tracks,. You simply have to stay on the track. When you are halfway around the 20 km, you think it´s a good thing there are only half as many places left you risk running off the track" Jan says.

[About the track and the car]
"The stree Corbette has virtually no grip compared to my race car which has a large rear spoiler. But it does have almost as many BHPs as my Le Mans racer and is almost as fast. The rev limiter sets in at 7000 rpms, and it does have more than 500 BHPs.
It´s fast.At the record attempt I drove 2 x 2 laps with a cooldown lap inbetween for both mine and the car´s sake.
I couldn´t have driven one single lap more. I wouldn´t have liked to drive a single meter (3 feet) more with myself at the wheel at that speed", Jan finishes.

Again all credit to the original poster and scanner.

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omfg. someone please post the link so we can attempt to enjoy the material.
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