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Price on 2002 Z06?? and other questions

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sorry, new here. actually, new to owning a corvette in general. Im deciding on buying a 2002 z06 soon.
Couple of questions.
To anyone who has order one already, or put a downpayment on one, how much is it costing you? trying to find out ahead of time.
Also, do you just go to a corvette dealer and have them put in a purchase order for one? Im sure there is a line and all, and thats fine, but im new to this, so i was curious.

anyone have a figure on insurance? just a range? i put in a call to my insurance place, but they havent gotten back to me yet.
Im 22 years old. If that helps.
Thanks for any help you all can give.
Ill be reading all of the forums soon so i can learn more.
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At this point, the only way to make certain you will get a 2002 Z06 is to put in an order. I put my order in two weeks ago and got my order number earlier this week. As to the cost....the vast majority of dealers
will take an order at MSRP.....they may negotiate a little but that really depends on your local market and your relationship with the dealer. Figure an MSRP of betweem $50,000 and $51,000 depending on color and options (including destination charge) for the 2002. Also, the allocation your particular dealer has, combined with the number of people who have orders ahead of you (if any), will determine how soon you get a Z06.

I have no idea what insurance will cost as that is really dependent upon the prevailing rates in Colorado. I live in NJ which has the 1st or 2nd highest rates for auto insurance in the country.

One other thing....Millenium Yellow (MY) and (Electron Blue)will probably be the hardest colors to get (just my guess). If you really shop around (call a lot of dealers)in August, and can make a decision quickly, I bet you will be able to find one in dealer inventory.

Good luck,

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Mr 3322:

Welcome to the forum!

The MSRP for a '02 Z06 is $49,505, with a delivery fee of $645. The invoice is $43,316.88. Hope this helps!

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Depending on your insurance company and how many cars you have insured with them matters in the rates on your insurance. At 22 they will probably kill you with the rates. Im 20 and live in Florida and own a '01 Z06. If the insurance is too high, list yourself as a part-time driver.
thanks for all the info.
this helps a lot!

Tonic, if you dotn mind me asking, how much is your insurance a month? Im paying 100 dollars a month for my car now(haha). I know it will go up very much from that!
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