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I’m with a production company named GB Films, based out of the Bay Area.

We have a shoot coming up this Friday (06/13/14), in which we would like a newer/modern yellow Corvette to drive 60-80 mph down an airport runway. The shot is under 6 second, so our real need is just to shoot the car going in a straight line at our chosen venue. Nothing dangerous, but we will cover the vehicle under our production insurance so there isn’t liability for the owner.

Hard Details:
Shoot Date: 06/13/14
Shoot Location: Airport in Tracy, Ca
Shoot Time: TBD (am or pm block, still being worked out with the air port)
Car Needs: Modern Yellow Corvette - hard top or convertible is okay
Time Needed: 3-4 hours
Payment: $500 + $150 for fuel & travel
Driver: Pushing for the car owner, but client will have final approval.
Insurance provided by production company

Thank you and send me a PM if interested.
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