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I was wondering how many of you have used the programmers on your cars and did it make a difference? Also, which do you guys think is the best? My buddy is trying to get me into the Superchips, he claims it is the best one. What do you guys think?

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IMO they are garbage! :cen: I had a Hypertech PP III for my 2002 Z28 and I could not tell a difference at all. Super chips can't really be any better but that's just my opinion. I would use $300 or $400 on something else! :jammin:

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I bought a Predator and I think the performance program worked pretty well. I might have gained a tenth of a second in the quarter which isn't much but the programmer has other attributes which make it worth while such as...

- 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!*
- Lifetime Warranty!
- Screen Size is 300% larger than the competition
- Ability to have customized programming which can be done via email/internet (see below**) (handheld competition does not offer)
- Quicker programming than the competition (takes approx. 2 min.)
- OBD-II diagnostic software (includes live data monitoring of MPH, RPM, IAT, ECT, LTFT, STFT, O2 Voltage, Timing, KR detection, as well as many other sensors (competition does not offer)
- Revised Torque Management Settings for optimum performance
- Eliminates CAGS (Skip Shifting) on the 6-speed manual transmissions (GM)
- User adjustability. the user can set their own parameters. Choose from DiabloSport's performance program, have a custom performance program made for you by Runnin' With The Devil** (optional feature, please inquire), or modify the performance program your own:

* Axle Ratio: Can adjust from a 2.xx up to a 6.xx in .01 increments.
* Cooling Fans: Will adjust both ON and OFF in 1 degree increments up/down.
* Power Enrichment (Fuel): Will adjust from -5% to +5% at WOT
* Spark (Timing): Will adjust from from -10% to +10% at WOT
* Shift Adaption (duration): Allows user to adjust the time delay during the gear change, i.e. quickness of the shift, from -25% up to +25%
* Shift Points (MPH): Allows user to adjust at what MPH the shift should take place, for each individual gear, in 1 mph increments.
* Shift Points (RPM): Allows user to adjust at what RPM the shift should take place, for each individual gear, in 10 rpm increments.
* Shift Pressure: Allows user to adjust the firmness of the shift action, for each individual gear, from -25% up to +25%
* Rev Limit: Allows user to adjust ON/OFF rev limits, for each individual gear, in 10 rpm increments.
* Wheel Sizing:
Factory Wheel Size: Enter the factory tire size in XXX/XX-XX format, i.e. 275/40-17
Actual Wheel Size: Enter the actual tire size in XXX/XX-XX format, i.e. 305/35-18
The Predator then calculates the difference in overall height for proper speedo calibration.

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Put your $$ into mods before you worry about playing with programming!! Then let the pro's do it!!
LS6's are pretty fine tuned (rich but fair)from the factory!!

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