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Not sure, but I think you will need the 7.350 rods. The stockers are 7.4". I am running the 7.350 with my cam and
angle milled heads and they work perfectly. I think it depends on the base circle of your cam also...Just ask the tuner who is supplying your parts. HTH


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Z06 Steve said:
do you have the same combo as me?
AFR 205 heads milled .040, G5X3 cam (600 plus lift) can't give specs or Lou will send hit man, Comp R Lifters , Fast 90 mm manifold, 90 mm LG TB, Cobra T-1 intake, underdrive pulley
LG headers, LG cats, LG Xpipe, Borlas Edit. etc etc.
487 RWHP

My problem was that the 7.4 tubes would not let the Comp R
lifters to pump up 100% at idle due to oil psi could not get into oil passage with the 7.4 tubes as the oil inlet hole in lifter was partly blocked. After 3000 rpm all was good. With the shorter tubes it allowed more oil flow thru the unblocked hole in lifter at idle
I know this sounds crazy but another site member turned me on to the solution as he had the same problem. I thought longer would get rid of noise due to lash clearance issues.
I was wrooong. (First time ever)
Do a search on Comp R lifters on this site and you will find the thread.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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