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so got the cutout back from QTP..thought i'd slap it on this sunny afternoon... that install went well! sealed up great, sounds mean as heck...

and so last few days, im hearing this squeeking sound from the driver rear...figure, im under the car, lets take a look... shocks! the rod from the cylindrical piston to the shock tower is it just sits there!!! i was wondering why the car got soo bouncy lately! guess i have to buy a new one now, damnit!! 300 ish for one shock! its those 12 way HAL shocks...

what the heck do i do??? can i rebuild them? cost would be about $30. QA1 is local to me here in MN, so i would physically give it to them.

aww man..just ticked..this car is really a money dump!

has anyone else had issues with these shocks? what happen to yours...

im thinkin i might change to the Bilstein Sports for the rears only. the car is mainly used as a DD, but will see some drag racing in the near future.

just venting..thanks for tuning in..
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