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I've seen my AH warming up DIC warning a few times. I'm not sure why this comes on, but I've seen it at relatively cooler temperatures and never at warmer temperatures, but during the coldest temperatures I haven't seen it come in. My AH seems fine.

Have you ever gotten the "Traction Control" light to come on?

I can force TC to come on by forcing the car into understeer or oversteer. You can do this if you find a good, safe, turn where you've got room to slide a bit, *and* you know a bit about what you're doing. For example, when exiting a highway, when you hit the shart turn in the exit ramp, crank the steering wheel and force the nose to slide (understeer) into the turn. Or, when entering a highway you can do the opposite by hitting the gas, but I think that's a bit trickier to control.

Anyway, if you see the TC light come on, and if you've got a sensitive butt, you might also feel the individual brake come on too. That's how I would verify that it's working.

Then again, I'm no expert!
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