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question for upgrading the drivetrain

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I am nearly stock but I absolutely love to drag race and I I think I want to upgrade the rearend best i can before doing any other mods. So far what Ive come up with is replacing the left and right side output shafts with hardened shafts and the transmission input and output shafts along with the dte brace. If I replaced all of those and got the brace what is the next weak link in the drivetrain? Did I miss any components that need to be upgraded? also i found most of the hardened shafts on lpe's website but i am confused about what they call the transmission "main shaft" is that the input from the torque tube or the out put to the differential? where would I go about finding the other shaft? Any other suggestions or comments on pieces I am forgetting? I figure it will be cheaper to upgrade before i start breaking things. I also think I am going to through a set of 3.90s in while everything is apart. any recommendations on where to get the ring and pinion set? Thanks for your help. :usa:
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yeah i looked at dte's stage 3 but its $3500 by itself. if i price out all the hardened shafts from lpe they are only $1300. i figured i can have it all installed with the new ring and pinion for around $3000. I'm not looking to go 8's. I really just want a little over 500whp and high 10's and ill call it day. I also am on a kinda tight budget so I'd like to get as bulletproof as I can with in reason.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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