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Question - How Do I Get Replacement Nose From the Factory?

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My front nose has a slight outward protrusion that I did not notice under the showroom lights the night I brought it home. I noticed it a couple of days later, but it didn't bother me in the gloominess of winter. After driving it more in the bright spring, I have been noticing it more and it has started to bother me. Has anyone had any experience getting already painted replacement parts direct from the factory? I am prepared to lay on GM pretty hard if I have to. If so, does anyone know who I should contact at GM (names or numbers)? I don't consider a dealer painted replacement to be an option.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
BTW, my car has less than 2,500 miles on it and it is about 6 months old.
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Hey there,
Which color do you have??
I would check with your local dealer, as he is really the laison between you and the factory.
It may take a while, however, I feel that you will not have to lean on anyone.
If not, there may be further action, however, I have heard of what you say being done for a 99 Nassau blue FRC, so I know it can be done.
Best to you, c4c5
Thanks Specialist, I appreciate your response. My Z06 is Torch Red. What I have is a slight protrusion in the fiberglass, like an outward facing dent. Someone at CF suggested that I might be accused of damaging it myself, but it should be obvious to anyone that looks at it that was a factory defect and not any kind of damage, because you can't create an outward facing dent by getting in an accident. I have held off on this matter because it is relatively minor and I was scared of a repaint on a new part. I am the only one who will probably notice it without it being pointed out to someone. As I said before though, I have just been driving the car more since the nice weather and its starting to bother me, so its good to hear I have a chance.
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