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Quick Jack

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I have a 12 GS M6 and am interested in the Quick Jack system for lifting the car in my garage for doing work on the car. Is one model better than another? Do I just install the lifting pucks and line up the Quick Jack with them for the lift? Would like to hear inputs both positive and negative? Experiences? Thanks in advance!
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The key difference is in the lifting capacity and physical size (length mostly) of the models. Quick Jacks come with different lifting pads and you align these with the shipping slots. Ideally, you use pucks in those slots, but it depends on whether you have enough clearance. I got the 7k pound quick jacks so that I can also lift my other cars and SUV. It works great and I leave my Vette raised on them for weeks at a time (always with the hydraulic unit plugged in). No issues at all and super easy!
I had the quick Jack and it failed on one side and almost damaged my car. They are too heavy and hard to use. Look at a low rise 4-post lift
Good comment Jeff. One thing I've definitely experienced is that the original thread seal that came with the unit wasn't good. I had to remove connectors from three of the connection points, clean and use thread seal tape to get it to fully seal up after initial setup. Then re-bleed. Now it has held well and the units rise at the same rate. But it was a bit of a pain. If I didn't need a portable solution, a more robust 4-post or 2-post would be preferable.
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