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QuickSilver paint

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I noticed on my Silver Z, the paint is kind of cloudy. It's not smooth silver. It got those, kind of, white looking cloud blended in. I don't know is this the way the paint suppose to look or is it a bad paint job from the manufacture. I noticed this from day one, but thought it was supposed to be like that until my friend, who own a body shop, told me about the paint. Does anybody notice this on your awsome looking silver Z too?

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The paint is a silver metallic, not sure what you mean by "cloudy". It has small specs of mettalic in it to add shine.
Mine looks great with several coats of Z-2 on it.
There were some early posts about a shadow on the hood under certain light angles, but this seems to be rare.

It's not the metallic stuff I'm talking about. It could be what you described as shadow. If you look at the whole hood, there are different areas where the paint is a little lighter than others. Just as you look up to the sky on a cloudy day, there are mostly dark clouds, but in a certain area there are a little white cloud kind of blended in. That's how the paint looks on my car. It's not very obvious, but you can see from different angles.

I agree with Dennis. Mine is clear to the metallic pigment. Very professional looking job. I also do the Zaino thing, and it really looks like show material.

If you can, look up some others with QS paint and compare.

Good luck,

With only 4 coats of Zaino my car will blind you in this FL sun.
No clouds on this "Z", now the black one thats's been following me over my head is another thing. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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What type of light are you looking at it under in the sun and flourescent they all look diff.
This was under sunlight. The paint is kind of like a two tone paint job. It's not in any uniform pattern, just kind of scattered around. It's not that obvious, but if you really look for it, you can see.

I didn't really paid attention until one of my friend, who own a bodyshop and had painted thousands of cars, pointed out to me. He told me that silver and pearl are the two most difficult color to paint.

I'll try zaino on it next week to see what happen.....

has anyone noticed a dark area behide each rear tire. The only thing i can think is the muffler is getting hot.
I have had my QS for 7 months and 4 coats of Zaino. I have seen no cloudiness in the paint. I do have a circular spot on the roof that at certain light angles you can see and looks like a 2" diameter stain of some sort. It is in the color coat because Zaino Z5 had no effect on it. Its a factory defect I discovered a several weeks or so after delivery. Otherwise the factory job is perfect.

I have taken delivery of 2 Quicksilver Z06's this year. The paint looks like a metallic should look like under sunlight. Fluorescent light shows the flaws in the hood. You can see where the crossmembers of the hood are - has something to do with the curing process of the fibreglass. It is on both cars. You have to look pretty hard to see it.

You get used to it.

What I do not like is the rattle from the transmission / clutch assembly on the second car which is supposed to be normal. Back in August September another forum, (you know the other one,) member posted reasons for the rattle and stated Chevrolet could have engineered that out, but chose not to. He had a great explanation. I just cannot remember the exact reason.
Its a factory job -I expected orange peel etc. however what I find diconcerting is that when my QS is in the garge and under flourescent light I can see the outline of the trunk ribs.
I was applying Zaino on mine over the weekend under direct sunlight, I can see the ribs (frame) of the roof at a certain angle. How could this happened?

Oh well, I can't complain too much. This Zee rocks..... and the Kirban shifter too.....
I tried to look for the dark area that you described when I was applying Zaino, and didn't find anything. My Z is only 5 weeks old.....

On 2001-05-24 14:52, Z06 UK spewed forth this drivel:
has anyone noticed a dark area behide each rear tire. The only thing i can think is the muffler is getting hot.
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