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located near Toronto Canada. Perfect condition, 1,400 miles, 2,200 kms, memory pkg, mats, no bsm, Quicksilver/Black, $66K cdn. Available after May 28., email me if you are interested.

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Jerry, I am interested! I am in search of a Quick Silver ZO6. I had one in the works until the dealer lived up to his reputation and tried to skin us out of another 2800 bucks. My concerns are the car #1. 50 state legal for emissions? Or does Canada have something different as far as emissions. #2 Since the car is not available til the end of May, does this mean it will be driven and have more than 2000 miles on the odometer. #3 Why is the car for sale, and are there any flaws at all i.e. chips, dents, tears, curb scars. #4 Transporting to Az. Any idea what this would cost? #5 Is there any room for price negotiations?
Thanks, Don
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