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I just got back from my vacation in Indiana. Being a 44 year native of Arizona, I was quite impressed with the beauty and greenness of the mid-west...awesome. We went to the track (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) Wed, Thurs and Sunday! I got to drive around on the actual track! I wish I had my TransAm with me instead of the little ricer rental car! Better yet it would have been great to have my 2002 Z!! We had great seats, high up, right in the middle of the short chute between turns 3 and 4. The sounds, sights and smells of Indy are great, something every race fan should do at least once. But as far as watching the race see it on TV !!! The track is so big, you cannot watch more than 1/3 of it at a time!
It was truly a great experience.
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