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Just had to share my experience driving at VIR's north course in a stone stock ZO6 with a donaldson air filter only and stock tires.
Car was a little tricky at first because I am so used to understeer in my '90 corvette and the ZO6 was very neutral and the gas levels had a big impact on handling.
By the end of the weekend I was running with and passing a number of fully setup BMW M3's and M5's (last gen.) on race tires. Could hange with them in early turns but they would gain a little at the top of the cutover hill. Of course power out of the last two turns and roaring down the front straight in the upper 130's and still having the stock brake pads bringing me down time after time was great.
Car really is world class performer and I was sold after the weekend (only problem seemed to be easier to activate ABS so had to be more sensitive with brake pedal).
Anyone not stepping upto one of these from a C4 is in serious trouble on the track.
Wish I had timed some laps to give you guys a reference.
If your a polisher don't buy this car it really is meant for the track!!
Go sign up for some driving schools (NASA, car guys, BMW, Porsche, etc..)and just be in awe of the engineers.
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