Well, I just bought a new set of Radio Flyer Stealth Light Cannons V3. I just bought these last month and they are still in the box. I also have a set of used v1 Light Cannons with the Hella lenses that I modified to use with the v3 shroud. This set is on my my car now and I don't need both sets.

The only reason that I bought the new set is because the shrouds on the lights on the car would move some and not sit exactly flush on the top outside corner after driving for awhile....... well, the new set came with turn buckles so after looking to see what they are for...... LOW AND BEHOLD they are to hold that top outside corner down so I didn't need new lights, just $1 turn buckles, lol.

Note: the used set comes with a set of new "B" lenses and the lenses in the pic. The shroud on the left light has a small crack (circled in yellow) and a small defect in the gloss black paint (circled in teal). The metal frames that hold the lenses have been modified to fit the v3 shrouds (I dont think anyone has ever done this b4). These frames do not show when installed but they aren't the prettiest. All of the holes have been oblonged quite a bit to make fit but they fit nice and tight.

New V3 light cannons with B lenses: $980 shipped.

Used v1 modified set with new B lenses: $680 shipped.

You pick, my loss is your gain!

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