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Sorry for the cross-post or re-post, if any.

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Note both thumb buttons are for upshifting. From the side view, you can see the downshift button is more like a real paddle. Also note the "M" selection on the console shifter (for tiptronic mode).

:thumb: Pretty cool! Yet still, I'd much prefer a manual transmission. Having converted my recently-sold 96 Impala SS over to a T56 about a year and half ago, I'd never go back to an auto trans in any way, shape, or form (paddle shifter or not). Nothing beats a stick! :D The 6-speed Impala was so fun to drive... immediate permagrin that never wore off. Probbaly because it was a T56 with LT4 clutch, custom aluminum driveshaft, and 4.10's.

Can't wait for my C6 Z06!! All these recent pics are getting me *very* anxious!
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