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Reasons Why I Will Purchase from Corvetteseller Bob Benedix Again!

My purchase of a new Z06 with Bob Benedix aka Corvetteseller has been exceptional.

First, the deal ($$$) was as good or better than most with zero added or hidden documentation or dealer fees other than a few dollars to cover the Fed Ex charges for signing papers.

Second, Bob has answered each and every phone call and email timely with with professionalism and respect. Heck, we even know about one anothers dogs!

Third, Bob has provided rail tracking information for me so I can follow the railcar from BG to Denver which will give me an idea when it will arrive at the dealer for the courtsey deliver.

For those wanting to purchase a new Z or any Vette out of state with NCM or courtsey I would highly recommend Bob for your new purchase, you will not be disappointed.



Congratulations and enjoy that new ride.

Nice to hear good things like that I am sure they are well deserved..

The buying experience really can set the tone for a great portion of the ownership experience.

The other half is the car itself..

All I can imagine is that you are in for one hell of a good time! :)
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