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remove cats?

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Has anyone found a way to remove the cats without cutting & welding? Does someone sell an H-pipe for bolt-in use. I know I need the 02 simulators. Our how about approx. cost of a factory cat pipe & then have the cats replaced with straight pipes. I want to use the straight pipes for racing & the cats for the street without voiding my warranty. Any ideas?
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No company appears to make a bolt-in off road pipes, although there has been some undelivered promises. I'm going to cut my cats out soon and weld in straight pipe, then pickup another set of stock pipes if I ever have to put them back on. then I will be ready for a set of long tubes if I go that route as well!!
HI Edge,
There are alot of things to consider.
1 o2 sims have not been totally reliable
2 You will experience black puffs at wide open acceleration.
3 Sooner or later, codes will default, and it will be easy to find, and on top of everything else, you will experience odors what you cannot mask while the vehicle is running.
I personally would obtain a burned out cat, gut the internals, as only 01 or 02 cats will work on your car, and bolt them on when you want to race.
All you will need is a 15mm, 13mm, and about an hour, if you do it on your back.
Best wishes with your mods, c4c5
Dave if we use a stock pipe & remove the cats then the O2 sensors will still plug in. Does that mean you don't have to buy the O2 simulator plugs? If I remember correctly I had a mustang with an H-pipe and the O2 sensors just screwed in as normal. I had my car on a lift at a muffler shop thats done all my previous cars and there are a couple of tight bends up front where they connect to the exhaust manifolds which makes making custom pipes a difficult job. If anyone knows of vendor working on an H-pipe let us know. Thanks, Ed
c4c5 Thanks for the info. By the way check your private messages when you get a chance. Thanks, Ed
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