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Hopefully someone on this forum has a answer that will work for me. I really want to ditch my stock Z06 iron rotors for something that is at least as good and lighter than the stock iron anchors. I have done quite a bit of research and can't get a answer that makes me fell like what I want to do is feasible.
First off I would like to replace the stock rotors with a 2 piece unit that weighs less, and looks better than the stock units. I have done some research on the Baer Eradispeed rotors and some guys like them some, say don't bother with them.
The other possible rotors are from a vendor that has Coleman Racing units which appear to be nice but I was informed today that these will not work with a carbon ceramic pad. I am replacing my pads with Carbotech 1521 street pads so those won't work. DBA make a nice rotor but they seem to be about the same as the Baer units.
I know that whatever I replace my stock rotors with is not going to make my car stop any shorter, I just don't care for the way the stock units look. It also frosts my ass that the factory only made left side rotors.
As for use, my car has never, and will never see any track time while I own it.
So feel free to give me your opinions/recommendations etc.
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