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Repro wheels for racing?

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Hey all,
I need an extra set of Z06 rims for autocrossing -- gotta have something for those race tires but they HAVE to be the same size as stock. Stock Z06 wheels seem to be hard to come by and expensive ($2500). I found a set of aftermarket wheels in the right sizes (CCW's), but they cost $1700 or so. I know that Corvette Mike sells Z06 reproductions for about $1400.
(1) Do these weigh the same as the stock wheels?
(2) Are they as strong? I don't want to race on inferior-quality wheels, for obvious reasons.
Anyway, please respond with your opinions -- should I use reproductions for my autox tires?
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I have as set of the repro wheels. They look great, but in my opinion should not be used for racing. They are cast wheels and not as strong as our production wheels, which are forged. When I race I will switch back to the factory wheels.
I agree with Mark, I would not take a chance racing with cast wheels, they probably would be ok but not worth the risk./phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I bought chrome repros and mounted the stock tires on them for the street and used the factory wheels for the track.
Track use should not hurt the factory wheels.
You can switch them back when you are ready to sell.
You have to ask yourself.....Would I want to be doing 100+mph on wheels of questionable quality?
Try ebay, the last time I checked they had a slightly used set of factory wheels and tires for around $1,700. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Circle Racing is building Z-06 wheels very shortly (I should have mine this weekend for the Pro!) /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif They are roughly 3-4 lbs lighter Each Rear!, and 2-3lbs lighter each Front. I will have exact #'s when I get them on our digital scale the following week! In other words you have a wheel as light as Fikse, yet HALF the cost! $2200 for a Set is Racer Price. I think I could get them to do a GP if we could get like 10 guys to go in... for maybe $1800!!!
Let me know!
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You might contact some local vendor who sells the chrome wheels and see if he has taken any in on trade. I was able to pick up a set of wheels with 18 miles on them. The original owner brought his new Z06 to him from the dealer and had the chrome ones put on. The dealer gave him a $750.00 credit and sold them to me for $1300.00. Much cheaper than ebay.
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