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Well, I finally made it on a road course (Thunderhill in Willows, CA). Now I fully understand what others have been saying about the Z06 being set up for road courses. It was AWESOME - great balance, sticking on the corners and talk about power on the straights! I was apprehensive at first, having been used to the invincibility factor of auto-x, but found I could control the car quite well and never strayed from the track. I say every Z06 owner owes it to them self to try it at least once.

My only problem was staying in the seat. Taking high speed turns I found myself laying across the center console (bolsters, what bolsters?). I definitely need a harness.

Now the question is: is a harness bar safe on a road course? I've heard that you'll break your neck if your stuck in the seat with a harness and the roof collapses during a roll over. Granted, I'm not planning on this happening, but crazy shit happens all the time.

My Z is my only car and I'm not quite ready to put in a full roll cage. Any suggestions on the type of roll bar to put in that will give adequate protection, facilitate a harness and maintain easy entry and exit for street use? Maybe something that could be added to later to complete the roll cage. Is there something premade for the Z06 or will it need to be custom?


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I have a DRM roll bar that fits just in the rear of the interior. It is welded in place. The harness bars work well, and the C5s have a solid roll hoop built into the roof, but of course it could collapse in a bad roll over. I had a harness bar in a C4(it also had a pretty good roll hoop built into the roof) and I flipped the car on a road course. The roof collapsed enough that I had a compression fracture in my neck because the harnesses held be upright. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif I assume that is what you are worried about.
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