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Join us for a high speed road rally event in California for the 1st time in history. This multi-day event will include:

Nostalgic Poker Run - Friday, November 16th

Everyone can enter this fun and exciting event. This 66 mile rolling car show runs From Barstow's Rt. 66 museum, to Victorville's Rt. 66 museum and back again. Bring your street rod, antique, muscle or any type of American or Foreign car, truck or motorcycle to enter. $1,000.00 cash and prizes to the top 10 winners with the best hand. There will also be trophies and prizes for the best dressed nostalgic & Rt. 66 entries. Show everyone how you get your kicks on Route 66.

Open Road Rally Race - Saturday, November 17th

A 66 mile open road rally race on a closed section of historic Rt. 66 as authorized by San Bernardino County and the state of California. Classes begin from 85 mph up to 160 mph. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license. You have an opportunity to win "Trophy Go

Enter now, be one of the lucky ones to race on Route 66.

Contact Team ZR-1

Route 66 Road Rally Racing Assoc.


City of Barstow
San Bernardino County
November 14-17, 2001

66 mile Road Rally Race

On Route 66




66 mile Road Rally Race on Route 66

66 mile Poker Run on Route 66

2 different sections (roads) on California's Route 66

Route 66 Awards

Trophies and plaques will be awarded at all events to the top three driver/navigator finishers in each class.

Attention Car Clubs or Teams

All members of participating car clubs with 7 or more entries competing in a Route 66 event will have the opportunity to complete against their own team members. A trophy will be awarded to the participating club member who is closest to his/her target speed. A trophy will also be awarded to the club with the most participating entries

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IMA Z06 said:
I wanna be There..............

:( :( :( :( :(

Too many miles before i sleep...........
You know the saying, You only live once buddy,
so kiss the wife and kiddes,
hop in that Corvette and join us at the route 66 birthday bash.

Heck can you pass up getting a chance at driving the tech speed of 166 MPH for 66 miles :)

We'll have all kind of press coverage there and what better way to show off a "Made in the USA" sports car can do on this historic road ( remember the route 66 t.v show that had a vette as the star of that show ?)

When going to Chicago, I leave S.F Ca area one day and by late the next evening am there, that's about 2,400 miles and just me driving, so find yourself a navigator and spent a few days of mid Nov in 70 degree weather, besides this is one way to really know what a Corvette is really all about :)

Let's Go a Racing . . .


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IMA Z06 said:

Your talking me in, now as for the boss and time off i owe him about 2 wks now !!!

:D :D :D

If i dont make it this ones for ya:guiness:
Wave the American flag in front of the boss and tell em you have to be there to not only defend the flag but also the Corvette honor.

Besides tell him you'll allow him to put a logo of his business on your Corvette and give him real cheap marketing :)

If the boss is a she and has a great bod, promise her she can be a navigator :)

Think about it, travel a football field per second, imagine, cruising at 150 MPH, and say "Ooh I fell like doing 165 MPH" and up ahead is a cop and instead of him waving you over to the side of the road, he is waving you on to go faster ! :)

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I will detail this in more detail on a special Route 66 webpage on both main Team ZR-1 websites.
The Team Forum will be used to discuss the race event.

This is going to be quite different then us old timers are used to.

The Route 66 event starts on Weds at noon, to begin tech and registration.

Thursday continues the above and also includes classroom for those who need and and also
high speed practice.

Friday continues the above including another practice period.

Saturday, Race day - first car out is 7:30 A.M.

The course : hang on to your shorts, you will cover 66 miles ( if you remember 66, many things use that )
but it's 3 runs at speed, each 22 miles.

In that 22 miles ( between Ludlow and Amboy) is :

11 corners, 6 blind hill crests and several bridges !
So it's not just stepping on the G-pedal and waiting to hit the finish line, you'll have to work out your plan of attack ( should be easier for 1st timers of ORRing since they have no other ORR to compare to)

Poker run is between two route 66 museums ( Victorsville and Barstow) in which there will be 5 places you have to stop and obtain 1 card for your poker hand. Assume about 3 hours plus to complete this poker run.
There is cash awards for this poker run.

Call Ramada Inn for your room at 760-256-5073 and be sure you tell them it's for the route 66 RRRA race to get the discounted rate.

It has been agreed on that if you had paid a membership for the ARRA ORRs your membership for this year will be honored at this event !
Else membership fee is you got it ( $66 )

Entry fees start at street division ( 85-90 MPH target speeds with a 104 MPH tech speed) at $266
up to Super Sport at $566

There will be 16 classes, starting at 85 mph and going up in 5-mph increments to 160 mph.
The Governor's Cup is the closest team to 166 mph. Win 1st - 2nd - 3rd place trophies in each class.

85-90 mph classes - Top speed 105 mph.

95- 100 - 105 - 110 - Top speed 124 mph.

115 - 120 - 125 - Top speed 140 mph.

130 - 135 - 140 - 145 - 150 - Top speed of 166 mph.

155 - 160 - Top speed 166 mph.

Governors Cup - All cars with 166 mph tech speed

Maximum race cars = 250

I'll post the rest on team forum and webpage. Reserve your spot, car number and motel soon !


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Zippy said:
WOW! Sounds like fun! But, my wife would kill me!

Have fun guys!

Zippy :) :)
Well as long as she kills you after the race, it would be worth it :cheers:

Let's Go a Racing . . .


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Ooh man,

I read an article about an ORR similiar to this in a car mag last year. What a rush it must be. Are they planning on making this an annual event? If they are then I am going to make it next year! :z:
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