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Sad Beginning....Happy Ending

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Well today my 2002 SS finally came in.....but somewhere in the transport they [email protected]#ked up my SS.The center mounted exhaust was pushed in and pushed all the way to the side.We put it on the lift and it was all out of wack to the bottom of the engine.So not knowing what else was done I said no way am I taking this car so I declined.Plus the brakes lights did not work.They asked me if I wanted to order another SS and I said no.The waiting for this car was way to stressfull and for this to happen I could not do it again.So I went home totally depressed and very pissed.About 1 hour later I said what the [email protected]#k.I went back and bought a brand new Torch Red Z06.This car is really amazing.I have only 90 miles so far and have already come to this conclusion this car is one cleass act.Oh hello Guys and Gals.Good to be here.....awesome forum.
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Thanks vprkllr....I had a 99 SS with all that SLP options and that car rocked with 311 rwhp.I bought it at Kelley Chevrolet where I bought my 99 SS and my ordered 2002 SS.I live in Skylake but I am in Pembroke Pines alot.I got my Z06 for less than sticker.

2001 Torch Red Z06
vprkllr....I always had white cars so when I was looking at the Z06's I wanted something different and something that visually screams.I took one lokk at the Torch Red and I was hooked.Let me ask you guys two questions and remember I am new to Vettes but know my stuff about F-bodies.What choices do I have for air boxes and what choices for shifters? Thanks
Thanks guys I will check out those items.I guess that is Ernie from Breathless.Out of curiousity about how much rwhp will I gain from either of those two induction boxes?
Thanks Zippy...Good to be here.If I was getting a 02 is would be EB....great choice.
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