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Cadillac announced a limited special production/Technology Concept STS-V SAE 100 to combine and showcase new automotive technology for the SAE. The car incorporated 100 new technologies.

These or a derivative may find their way into future C6 Z06's, Blue Devil/Z06-R or C7 Corvettes:

- Eaton SC LS2 505HP/520 Tx
- 6 speed Auto 6L90E
- Brembo Carbon/Ceramic Brakes
- 2 pc. Carbon Fiber Wheels with Magnesium centers
- Multi Link Front Suspension
- Electronic Limited Slip Diff (Electronic TC without retarding engine output)
- Variable Ratio Steering
- Capless Fuel Tank
- Blind Spot Radar warning System
- Lane Deviation Warning System
- Rear View Camera displayed in Rear View Mirror
- 3-D Navigation
- Colored HUD
- Heated Windshield Washer Fluid
- Heated or Cooled Cup Holders

Here's a link for the wheels: (Click ON "NEWS" on top header)

Caddy wheels are the 3rd ones pictured.
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