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3224 minutes, 24 goals and 10 goals, or 94 minutes or directly or indirectly create a goal for the home team. The average of each match is 3.4 times and there are approximately 3 phases to go through the success.
333 minutes on the field, goalkeeper and only one phase "clean up" for the team to score. The average of the match is only 1.8 times, each match is correct one time through successful people. The parameters mentioned above are of two different players, between a top attacking star and a mediocre forward. No, it's the same person: Alexis Sanchez doc bao bong da
The first professional indicators are Sanchez's last full season at Arsenal, the 2016/17 season, also the best time of the Chilean star in the Premier League. The other is Sanchez-of-United United through the first six rounds this season. With one person but time and with different clubs has created two completely opposite Sanchez: Arsenal's heady and mediocre with United.
Arsenal legend - former midfielder Paul Merson commented: "If Arsenal were to do anything, Sanchez would have hunger for the goal so long. It is hard to imagine a player like Sanchez going through nearly half a year without scoring. " "Sanchez is having a major problem at Manchester United, in a team that is not ready to attack on a regular basis, not too aggressive in scoring opportunities and more importantly not able to bring Sanchez. the best playing space.

Another former Arsenal player, Ray Parlor, has a less restrictive look. "Sanchez's top quality is without a doubt. It was a great player who could change the game on his own. However, the problem is how to get Sanchez to play his best football. On paper, Sanchez and Lukaku are clearly a couple of super-attackers, but the reality of United is not in the way that all expectations.

According to Parlor, Sanchez's problem is ... time and patience. "He needs to regain his confidence and brush off the pressure that surrounds him. Drought season of up to 6 months is of course a concern. But Sanchez is a player who has experienced a lot of adversity and sooner or later he will return to the image Sanchez excellence as ever.
But ever Sanchez-or-most will come back? This is a big question that, at least for now, Man United, Jose Mourinho and Sanchez himself can not answer. The composition, style, approach, approach of United - Mourinho completely different with Arsenal in the years Sanchez shirt. Mourinho can adjust some minor details of Manchester United's play (especially in Paul Pogba's position) but the football philosophy and tactical-technical requirements that the Portuguese coach requires in Sanchez certainly portable immunity.

That is to be able to recapture past performances, at Old Trafford, with United, Sanchez himself must strive to learn how to adapt. But time and opportunity do not stand still anyone. Sanchez spent nine months "getting to know" the new environment, new teammates, new play and new pressure at United, but the situation is even getting worse. How much longer will Sanchez need when the pressure is on, as the time goes by, as the faith in Mourinho is no longer as immature as it was in the beginning? come back?
There are super players in this team, but when it comes to the environment other than transfer fees and wages and extreme pressure expectations are not able to play the best football ever. For example, only in the era of modern football, which has been countless. As Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea. Like Andriy Shevchenko from Milan through Chelsea. Like Kaka with Milan and Kaka in Real Madrid. Like Angel Di Maria before and after the 2014/15 season at Old Trafford. As Radamel Falcao, excelled at Atletico Madrid and Monaco but turned out to be "Paper Tigers" in the Premier League when wearing Man Utd and Chelsea

Breaking up Arsenal and landing at Man United, Sanchez has chosen. And in the pressure of thousands, in terrible adversity, Sanchez has only one way - to save himself. Sanchez will go to the track of the Torres, Facao, Sheva ... or not, time will give us the best answer. There is, Sanchez's time is not much anymore. From now until the end of this season, if Sanchez can not be the best Sanchez we have ever seen, his chances at United are likely to come to an end.
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