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SCCA T1 Diary: 3/18/2005

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My first time behind the wheel of the Corvette since last September is a Memphis Motorsports Park for the National/regional race this weekend.

I took advantange of the test n tune day today. I am getting a chance to learn the track.

My first few sessions were just designed to see if everything was OK with the car: so far so good. Phoenix Performance said the car was "ready to race," and they meant it!

I was a bit down on myself after a few sessions; I was pushing the car as hard as I thought prudent (is it possible to be prudent racing a car?), but I was several seconds from where I thought I should be. Talking to Brad Neff helped my pysche a bit, he thought the track looked very slick. It was very "sany" out there.

Well, the biggest cause was the old tires I was using. After the 4th session, I swapped them out and put on a brand new set of Kumhos. I wanted to get a 5-6 lap heat cycle in the Kumhos, so I waited until the last session to do so. Well, the first set of tires were worn to the thread on the left front tire. Maybe that is why the car was pushing so much!

The Kumhos were fantastic! I made 4 relatively hard laps and I immediately got the lap times where I wanted...1:14.2. The track record is held by Brad at 1:13.1, but I feel pretty good where I am at this point.

Later in the evening Brad and his family hosted virtually all of the T1 gang at his house. Brad, me, Stan Wilson (driving Chris Brannon's Vette), Mike McGinley plus a few other guys from different classes. We had a great time watching in-car videos. Thanks Brad!

I think Brad has some pictures of the day, hope he posts them, although I know he has a very busy schedule ahead of him.

Tomorrow, regional qualifying and the regional race.
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Welcome to Memphis, and I look forward to meeting you in person this weekend. Brad and Anita are great hosts, and Brad gets around the track quickly. Hoping for the weather to clear for the weekend.

Sounds like a blast. You guys have some fun and be safe. Good luck. :thumb: :z:
Have a good weekend Dave.
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