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Beaverun Qualifying is set:

In T1 the grid is:

1. Fred Baker Porsche GT3 1:01.632
2. Andrew Aquilante C6 1:02.309
3. David Pintaric C5 1:02.726
4. Bob Kahn C5 1:03.524
5. Joe Aquilante C5 1:03.692
6. Evan Kesselman 1:04.434
7. Judi Warren C5 1:07.759

In the first session I was third, but AJ and Freddy were 1-2; Andrew was about 9 tenths faster than I after that first session. My goal was to cut that differential in half, and I succeeded.

My driving has taken a turn for the better. It seems as though the on-track action has slowed down for me a bit. I also feel noticably more confident. I have observed that driving improvement does not follow a linear pattern; it is more like reaching plateaus. I think I just reached a higher one this weekend, let's see how Sunday plays out.
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